Lavender & Pine Bath Salt with Organic Lavender Petals




A soothing detox bath salt enriched with organic lavender petals & Pine Essential Oil, soothing sore muscles and joints, reducing stress and actively encouraging exquisite relaxation.

Amazingly Himalayan Pink Salt contains 84 minerals and elements that can be found in the Human body, readily absorbed into your skin, the Himalayan Salt is a wonderful detoxifier aiding the transfer of toxins.

Within Dead Sea Salt, the Magnesium plays an important role for combating stress and fluid retention, slowing skin aging, and calming the nervous system.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Lavender Blossoms, Lavender Essential Oil.

Active Ingredients:

  • Himalayan Salt – Softening, detoxifying
  • Dead Sea Salt – Stress Relief, detoxifying
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Anti-inflammatory, stress release & calming
  • Pine Essential Oil – Cleansing, refreshing & antibacterial

The salts are left to infuse with the lavender Essential Oil and petals over a few days before being bottled and sealed.

Instructions for Use: Shake the bottle and open to breathe for 5 minutes (First Use) Add a handful of bath salts whilst running the bath water so that it can dissolve into the water enriching & infusing it with the amazing aroma of a lavender field in full bloom and the mineral goodness of the salts.

If not intensive enough, add 5 drops of essential oil (Lavender or Pine) to the water.


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