What to expect on your first floating experience

The first floating experience

Your wellbeing and comfort is our utmost priority and therefore it is beneficial to fully understand what to expect from you session.

Each individual’s experience is unique, meaning that this is only offered as a guideline to help you prepare well in advance of your floatation experience.

Floatation allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation, meaning that many clients may hallucinate, or even fall asleep inside the tank. Although some individuals reach this state on their first floatation experience, some will find that it will take them multiple sessions to reach this height of relaxation; as mentioned before, every person’s experience is unique.

Upon your arrival you will be talked through the benefits of floatation and also the process of your upcoming experience. This includes a full description of the tank and how you can make the most of your floating session.

What we provide for you

So that you can go through your session with ease, we provide each client with all of the essentials to ensure a happy and memorable experience.

  • A white and fluffy towel
  • Vaseline to protect  any cuts, cracked skin, or burns on your skin
  • Earplugs are provided, although these are optional
  • Cold filtered water and herbal tea is available after your float
  • A Hairbrush and Hairdryer is provided
  • Cotton Buds and Body Lotion